VergeSense is a Bay Area-based startup creating sensors that gather information about office space utilization.

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VergeSense allows management to plan the space according to real company needs and save money on unused space.

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Goal & Challenge

VergeSense came to us with the problem with unintelligible dashboard and wanted us to redesign the platform. But we’re all for the holistic approach and we preferred to take a step back by asking a few product and business questions.

By taking a closer look at the product we found out that we can not only redesign the platform but also provide users with more value. 

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Process & Effect

Taking a step back forced us to think about the primary benefits and sense of using VergeSense. 
We took into account:

Design system
User needs
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User needs

We asked ourselves who the users are, how much detail do they really need and what can make interacting with data fun. This was our starting point to thinking about the features and level of detail, from general information about the space to the single desk occupancy.

We started with understanding user pain points, their needs and value that Verge Sense can 
give them.



Data provided by sensors is simple - the number of people in a view range of the sensor. How to transform it into valuable data? We thought about dimensions, time and space, all ways that data can be grouped, compared and filtered.

We chose sets of data that can give users both raw information and conclusions ready to be changed into actions that bring profit to the company. Then we chose the best way to present this data on charts. We focused on displaying it in a clear way so even users who are not used to working with numbers and charts can easily understand what’s happening.

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VergeSense Score

Not all users need to check detailed information, compare charts and draw conclusions, at least not on daily basis. We needed something that in 
a short and simple but not oversimplified way will summarise the state of the space on a general level.

Something that will be the essence of what’s happening in the office. We considered all factors, starting from the number of rooms, types of those rooms, their target utilization and actual average utilization. 



Navigation that makes it simple for the user to understand how to get to a specific conference room and how to get aggregated data for the whole building.

The second layer of physical and virtual came from the observation of the way space is actually used. Except for physical rooms, divided by very real walls, all office spaces can also be divided or grouped by virtual zones that are used in a different way. We wanted to make sure that our users can add virtual zones on top of the physical spaces to measure and understand how space is really used.


Design System

We needed to come up with something that will make design consistent throughout all kinds of spaces, even if we display different charts. We also kept in mind that the platform will grow. So how not to redesign the whole dashboard each time we want to add a new chart?

This is how we came up with a design system based on scoring the items displayed. The factors for scoring were, for example, the importance of the item, the granularity and also the size. The system works for every space and every chart, keeping all pages consistent and easy to understand.


Our customers love the simplicity of data visualization in analytics. Untitled Kingdom team was really helpful with UX/UI, as their design team is really strong and creative. 
Dan Ryan, CEO and Co-Founder of VergeSense

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