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Elvie Pump case studies

Elvie Pump

Meet Elvie Pump - a wearable breast pump & game-changer in women’s health products.

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Meet Elvie Pump - a wearable breast pump & game-changer in women’s health products.


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Latest Awards

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Imagine your freedom being limited from 8 to 12 times a day - on average. Imagine your target is 51% of the world’s population. Yet, it’s called a niche.
By modernizing technology that has not changed for decades, our partner helps users all around the world in one of the most demanding periods of their lives - nursing.

A product photo. Elvie Pump and a smartphone displaying Elvie Pump app.

As unimpressive as it sounds: breastfeeding can now take place everywhere, at any time. While using Elvie Pump, you can go where other pumpers wouldn’t dare — lead the meeting or even own the catwalk at London Fashion Week.

Elvie Pump is the world’s first wireless, wearable, silent, and smart breast pump.

It’s so discreet when worn inside a bra that you can feel confident breastfeeding anywhere — giving pumping women more freedom, comfort, and independence than ever before.

3 models on a fashion runway. A first model from the group, Valeria Garcia, is wearing Elvie breast pump. FOT. Press Association
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In partnership ↓

A woman standing against a grey background. She's wearing jeans and a bra with two Elvie Pumps inside. She's standing proudly with hands on her hips.

Elvie has been our partner for 7 years now. Perhaps it’s because we share a passion for developing medical technology that fights social inequality.

Three smartphones against a blue background. All phone screens displaying different screenshots from the Elvie Pump app.

Elvie Pump is the next stage of our collaboration after the successful launch of Elvie Trainer. For both devices, our goal was to develop native mobile apps for iOS & Android platforms.

Untitled Kingdom - collaboration included:

Preparing software and collaborating with Partner's hardware team to enable simultaneous work on both parts

Synchronizing data from two separate Elvie Pumps. Merging information about the sessions (duration and estimated amount of milk, among others) into a 1 session model.

Perfecting the design validation process. Creating a script generating a set of screenshots for every module in the app, in every language.

While we were developing comprehensive software solutions, Elvie’s Founder and CEO, Tania Boler, was tirelessly working on changing investors’ mindsets towards FemTech and moved the company forward. Including the #freethefeed campaign that put giant inflatable boobs across London’s skyline to fight the stigma around breastfeeding (and pumping!) in public.

A wide angle of a London landscape. A giant inflatable boob on one of the buildings. FOT. Tom Nicholson
A building with a giant inflatable boob on the roof. FOT. Tom Nicholson

It was more than a rewarding collaboration. The year of launching the product, Elvie Pump won at the Dezeen Awards, Absolute Mama Awards, and BabyTech Awards

„Elvie Pump was inspired by women being fed up with existing archaic breast pumps, as technology had seen very little progress for decades, and the needs of mothers were not being heard. It’s wonderful for us to have collaborations like this, as it helps us spread the word that there are options out there. That way, we can change opinions and empower mothers to feel safe and comfortable doing one of the most natural things for humankind.”


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