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A nurse using a MedTech device to check her blood pressure.
An older woman using a smartphone.
Three people standing in a modeling pose.
A man with a prosthetic leg walking by the swimming pool.
A man using a smartphone to dose his medicine.

Product and software development for MedTech solutions





Everyone should have access to trustworthy medical technology. But developing it requires an effective strategy and a patient-centered approach. Plus, a lot of tests and coding.


The greatest never achieved success alone. With 14 years of experience and more than 75 delivered apps, you can trust us when we say - a true evolution and digital transformation call for collaboration.


What makes a reliable medical solution?

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A smartphone with an open Elvie Trainer app.

Web & mobile app development

to overcome human barriers.

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An Eargo box with a smart, in-canal hearing aid.

Effective product development

to help societies thrive.

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A human hand, holing Elvie Trainer - a smart pelvic trainer.

Thoughtful UX/UI design

to create user-centric solutions.

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A human hand holding a smartphone - a hardware device on the screen.

Rapid prototyping services

to minimize social and technological losses.

Together, with our partners, we create accessible technology and inclusive solutions that improve the lives of individuals and businesses alike.

Because MedTech should bring equality to healthcare and value to companies.


Fulfilling social potential.

Software developed by Untitled Kingdom is aligned with FDA, HIPAA, and ISO 13485 requirements. Always striving for accuracy, usability, accessibility, and data privacy.


Read Untitled Kingdom case studies.

Elvie Pump

Mobile Femtech

Imagine your freedom being limited from 8 to 12 times a day - on average. 


Meet Elvie Pump - the gamechanger in women’s health products that is helping users in one of the most demanding periods of their lives - nursing.

A white woman standing opposite a purple background. She's wearing long trousers and a bra. Elvie Pump inside of her bra.

Elvie Trainer

Mobile Femtech Digital Health IoT

1 in 10 women has surgery due to pelvic floor issues. We co-developed 1 small device to break this global taboo.


With Elvie Trainer, doing your Kegels becomes home-friendly, safe, and engaging for all the users!

A product photo against a grey background. Elvie Trainer (hardware device and box with a charger) next to a phone displaying Elvie Trainer app.

Remedee Labs

Mobile Design Digital Health IoT

How to stop chronic pain? More specifically, how to fight long-term severe pain, like migraines and fibromyalgia?


Learn about endorphin-stimulator Remedee Labs + its comprehensive app — already tested in clinical trials. 

Two smartphones with screenshots of Remedee app.


Here's a 4-step plan for U to join the change-makers
(also known as Untitled Kingdom partners)

Your message

What project are you working on?

Plus, does it bring positive change to the world? What development stage are you on?
The more you share, the better our collaboration can become.

Intro call

Are we a suitable partner for you?

During the introduction call, you expand on your ideas while we present the UK process in greater detail.

Exploration call

Should you partner with UK?

That’s when you’re exploring all the services we offer.
Let’s talk specific approach and technological solutions.

Product Acceleration workshop

Strategy tailored to your needs.

The 3-to-5-day workshop ends with a shared view of your goals + a detailed plan on how to achieve them.

Let’s talk and create an outstanding digital health product — together



Collaborating with Untitled Kingdom

Elvie logo - Untitled Kingdom's partner for software development of Elvie Trainer and Elvie Pump
Eargo logo - Untitled Kingdom's partner for software development for smart, Eargo logo - Untitled Kingdom's partner for software development for smart, rechargeable hearing aid. hearing aid.
Convatec logo - MedTech business, focused on solution for chronic care.
Hardware Club logo - Untitled Kingdom's partner
Remedee Labs logo - Untitled Kingdom's partner for developing first-ever individual endorphin stimulator.
MysteryVibe logo - Untitled Kingdom's partner.
Beryl logo - Untitled Kingdom's partner for developing React Native app for bike rental.
Bolt logo - Untitled Kingdom's partner - pre-seed venture firm investing in tech companies.

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