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A high-angle close-up of two hands in a handshake. A human hand and a prosthetic (or robotic hand).

4 HealthTech services,
1 patient-centered approach


Technology should be helpful, readable, and accessible. Don't you think?


Technology should be helpful, readable, and accessible. Don't you think?

You’re the change-maker. Let’s use your product as a foundation to make a change in the world.

So if you're looking for an effective process for building a medical solution,
choose from these 4 services:

Results-driven product development workshops.

Are you reaching the goals you set for your project?

Translating your vision into real objectives and achievable results. Always using technology as a tool, not as a goal. We know that every project is different, so we’ve got an efficient process to reflect what’s unique about yours. In fact, you can read our free ebook about it RIGHT HERE.

Results-driven product consultancy

Effective web & mobile app development.

What is the core behind your user’s needs?

Development process is rarely smooth and steady. But it gets easier when you’re working hand-in-hand with a custom software development partner. We lead with transparent communication and efficient daily calls.

The goal: create market-ready applications to improve people’s health and lives.

Effective web & mobile app development

Thoughtful UX/UI design consultancy.

Are your users getting the most out of using your device?

There is your device, and then there is your device’s look, feel, and usability. Never one without the other. We aren’t a Design Team, but rather a Product Team full of designers that can turn communication with your users into a user journey.

Thoughtful UX / UI design

Rapid prototyping services.

You’ve got an idea, but can you turn it into MVP?

Creating software and hardware products from proof of concept to prototype to MVP by simply collaborating with you on your idea and bringing it to fruition. Untitled Lab is where you can work with engineers who can make your idea fly. And where you can quickly evaluate multiple iterations of the same component.

Rapid prototyping services
Results-driven product consultancy
Effective web & mobile app development
Thoughtful UX / UI design
Rapid prototyping services
Young white woman sitting on a chair and using a phone. One of her legs is a prosthetic.

Why may you need a partner?

It takes a team to guide the process of 
 developing user-centered solutions.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or you need a source code audit. With 14 years of experience, we know how to estimate the risk, timing, and budget of creating any digital health solution.

At its core:


Your medical device will be reviewed for accuracy to disclose areas of potential improvement. All to provide users with conclusive health data. Inlined with FDA, HIPAA, and ISO 13485 requirements.


Your solution will be designed to be easily understandable and usable. From urgent notification features to interoperability with electronic health records or apps. Our Project Team’s main focus is maximizing patient usability.


During the development and testing process, we include diverse groups of devs, designers, Product and Quality Specialists.
Their goal: promote accessibility for all users.


Your users trust you with their private and intimate data. We’re up-to-date with the best security practices inlined with the medical certification process.

Be aware:
we're relentless end-users' advocates.
We ask a lot of questions and are determined to find the answers. 

All with 1 result in mind: turning your business goals into effective tech solutions.


Before we’re all booked

Working with partners for over 14 years.

Photo of Stephanie Alys, CEO and Co-Founder of MysteryVibe.
I would recommend this team to any startup owner. With Untitled Kingdom experts, they can grow their product faster, professionally in a reliable way.
Stephanie Alys
Co-Founder of MysteryVibe
Photo of Alex Mohacs, Founder of Frame Automatic.
Untitled Kingdom’s team is excellent at communication. I love the fact that they have taken our vision and thought about it independently.
Alex Mohacs
Founder of Frame Automatic
Photo of Michael Foester, Co-Founder and CTO of Remedee Labs.
I am really glad that Untitled Kingdom’s reliable team has helped us to squeeze our product to the fullest. Their experienced software and product team was crucial to complying with medical regulations.
Michael Foester
Co-Founder and CTO of Remedee Labs
Photo of Krzysztof Szaliński, from Power Plant Gliwice.
Untitled Kingdom is a trustworthy, creative, and self-organized team of true professionals. We recommend them for their reliability, communication skills, and high-quality work.
Krzysztof Szaliński
Power Plant Gliwice