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A story of Untitled LabTesting new technologies + prototyping from idea to MVP


Why did we create Untitled Lab? And what does it mean for Untitled Kingdom partners?


Why did we create Untitled Lab? And what does it mean for Untitled Kingdom partners?

When Untitled Kingdom Team came up with the idea of creating the Untitled Lab several months ago, I was skeptical. What value can it bring to the company?
Now, it's a space where our current and future Partners can test new technologies and experiment with new ideas for hardware or software prototypes.


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Why did we build Untitled Lab?

Because it benefits both Untitled Kingdom and Untitled Kingdom Partners.

When developing digital products with MedTech companies, Untitled Kingdom's Product Team often felt that a deeper understanding of the hardware development process would benefit the process. So the main goal of funding the Untitled Lab was simple: to test technologies that are just around the corner. To set safe conditions for our Partners (never called them clients) to create a proof of concept or a prototype.

But then it grew to be much more.

How do we approach new technological solutions?

Working with our Partners has always been about 1 goal: to improve people's health and lives. That's why we work exclusively on digital health projects. And that's why we advise companies on the verge of business and technology, offering digital product development services.
Our motto: treat technology as a tool, not as a goal.

It's rarely as easy as going from a challenge → to a solution. 
In some cases, it's technology that drives new ideas. But then again, sometimes it's ideas that generate the need to explore new technologies. In Untitled Kingdom (or now, the Untitled Lab), we don't want to limit ourselves only to solutions that we already know. 

Our approach: Experiment. Fail. Learn. Repeat. So, naturally, we are focused on testing new possibilities. New tools that are not fully developed. Not "there yet". Yet, they can soon solve people's health challenges. And since we don't want to test "on the fly", on real projects (affecting our Partners' business), we now have controlled conditions to gain experience safely and effectively.

From idea to MVP

The Untitled Lab was created to test new ideas and solutions for our Partners, both hardware and software. So, how does it work?

In the beginning, we develop a proof of concept that will verify whether your thesis is correct - if there are possibilities to implement the project and if a given technology can be implemented with available components. Then, if the first tests were successful, we can move on to the prototyping phase and develop a product-market fit.

And in truly very safe conditions, we can test every, even the craziest idea.
The sky is the limit. 

Initial Untitled Lab projects

We have now started testing the AR software solution in digital health. Interestingly, although this technology is slowly developing and has not become widespread, it has incredible potential to be used in healthcare. Bounded by NDAs, we cannot disclose any details, but our Partner's feedback has been nothing but positive.

With the help of VR and AR, remote operations are already taking place in hospitals with doctors simulating heart surgery, among other procedures. Significantly improving their education process. 

In another project, we are testing AR/VR solutions for offices, which will help make better use of their space. It will be possible to bring people working remotely to one conference room together with their avatars and give new possibilities for interaction or entertainment.

Get to know our process better and download our ebook:

Ebook Cover How To Start Your Project with a Kick-Off Workshop by Untitled Kingdom

Who's responsible for Untitled Lab? 

The team responsible for Untitled Lab is made up of experienced developers who, in addition to software development, have also been involved in product development and business areas for years. With specialists in various fields (most importantly, digital health and IoT), we can offer comprehensive solutions from prototyping to ready-made solutions. We also export new solutions and technologies (AR, VR).

Leszek Kaczor, Head of Research & Technology at Untitled Kingdom

Leszek Kaczor

Originator and main initiator of Untitled Lab. Software engineer with 8 years of commercial experience trying to solve everyday problems with technology. Introvert with an interdisciplinary approach, geek, 3d printing enthusiast, and board game lover.


A few interesting facts about Leszek:

  • Worked with microcontrollers (before it was cool)
  • Low-level API is not a problem for him.
  • HomeKit enthusiast.
  • Developed multiple applications supporting IoT devices [BLE].
  • Experienced with most mobile, web, and backend platforms,
  • Loves R&D and problem-solving.


Marcin Klimek, one of the Untitled Lab Leaders

Marcin Klimek

Marcin is supporting technology-oriented teams in building both hardware and software products. During 15 years of a professional career in engineering and leadership roles, he was working with  IKEA, Auditable, Skanska, Estimote, or Elvie, to name a few. While having a wide range of expertise, he is mainly focused on Augmented Reality, the Internet of Things, and location-based solutions. Driving innovation to Untitled Kingdom partners, helping them leverage recent tech advancements into products.


The main areas of expertise:

  • mobile platforms (iOS) with a special focus on Augmented Reality (ARKit, Unity), location service (GPS, Indoor Navigation), 
  • connectivity (Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi / REST, WebSocket APIs),
  • web development (PostgreSQL, Node.js),
  • hardware prototyping platforms (Arduino / Particle / Raspberry Pi).


Bartek Hugo Trzciński, CTO of Untitled Kingdom

Bart Hugo Trzciński

Head of Technology by day and software engineer by night. Local dev groups activist. Automotive enthusiast. Boosted Board shredding champ. Particularly interested in new technologies and creating software for IoT products. 

Software engineer with over a decade of experience. In his work, he believes that the quality of the code is the main key to success. Security evangelist. Speaker at Smart IoT in London, startup events at Silicon Valley, EduLunches for startups in London and for IoT Poland. 


The main areas of interest:

  • integrating and advising on multiple IoT public SDKs (printers, terminals, scanners, etc.),
  • defining scalable architecture for 5+ years of projects (Elvie Pump, Elvie Trainer, Eargo).
  • developing Software IoT Simulators (Bonjour/BLE/WiFi),
  • experienced with game physics engines,
  • running software development workshops.

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By Piotr Zając

CEO at Untitled Kingdom. A guardian of Quality, Transparency and Family values. Responsible for showing his colleagues the meaning of life, what personal development is and how to be deeply joyful during work-work balance. A young daddy of Argus, The Polish Greyhound.