PEC Gliwice

We helped PEC Gliwice reduce its carbon footprint & optimise business workflow by deploying management mobile application across their electromechanical engineering department.

iOS | Web

The Opportunity

Untitled Kingdom partnered with PEC Gliwice Heating Plant to build a simple yet innovative iPad-based solution improving the operational workflow of heat meters installers.

The final product was meant to meet the work-specific needs of PEC employees, improve their comfort of work and daily communication. That’s why our cross-functional, self-organising team was constantly keeping in touch with PEC installers and directing app development process according to their feedback.

(iOS, RoR)
Graphic Designer
Stand-up Calls

The Solution

PEC application optimised the daily work of installers and provided them with on-time information, enabling them to react quickly in case of meter’s breakdown. Digitising the internal workflow brought impactful results for the entire PEC Heating Plant:

PEC completely abolished paper documentation, saving them thousands on printing and employee-time costs each year.
The application streamlines and facilitates the work of installers and the office workers, responsible for the logistics and supervision of orders and emergency calls.
PEC saves the equivalent of 1 full-time employee’s work in the team of 16 installers.
The solution enabled remote management of PEC employees working in the field.
The app sped-up internal team communication, enabling them to report breakdowns and solve problems on-line without delay.

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