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Currrent State and Future of FemTech Industry

Ebook cover - “State of FemTech” by Untitled Kingdom. A blue graphic made out of female silhouettes.
Learn the data, experiences, and stories of 18+ FemTech founders and experts who succeed on the digital health market. Published in 2020.
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How to start your project with a kick-off workshop

Ebook cover - “How To Start Your Project With A Kick Off Project” by Untitled Kingdom. A purple cover with white titles.
You’ve got your product idea and a vision of how you want to execute it. But do you have a detailed strategy? Published in 2018.
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Security Checklist: 60 cybersecurity questions

Ebook cover - “Security Checklist: Simplify Your Cybersecurity by Asking these 60 questions” by Untitled Kingdom. A black cover with white titles.
Collected by UK's Head of Technology, Bart Hugo Trzciński, with over 10 years of experience in software engineering and business.
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