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Product Manager

Process creator. Always up to date. 
Constant learner. Team player. A good friend.
Is that you?

9000 - 12000 zł net + VAT

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Join the team that brings social change through coding and digital product development.

Here’s your chance to work with people passionate about translating IT services into better lives and the health of those using modern digital health solutions.

Do you take it? 


Being a part of the Product Team in Untitled Kingdom, above all, means brainstorming sessions. Whether it’s developing various digital products or translating business needs to tech solutions - the more ideas per minute, the better! :)). 


During product development workshops, you will invent and design products, make thorough market analyses, and study various business models. You will collaborate with Untitled Kingdom’s business partners and developers and have an active influence on the development of the MedTech industry.

Are you in?

You are... // Qualifications:

⚙️ You are a Product Manager with…

  • Approximately 2 years of experience in a similar role. Preferably in the IT industry.
  • Knowledge of the leading products and trends in the technology market - especially MedTech and FemTech industry.
  • Know-how on the process of creating products - design thinking, design sprint and others.
  • Ability to analyze a given product’s market, competition, communication, and business model.
  • Experience and intuition in translating a business vision into a specific product.
  • Proven record of designing and conducting tests with users.
  • High-level communication skills. You work well in a team; you are happy to give and receive feedback. And you know a good vibe in the team translates into high-quality solutions.
  • Results-proven approach to preparing and conducting workshops and facilitating discussions. Whether it’s brainstorming or group work on an userflow, you’re thinking independently as well as collectively.
  • “How does it work?” mindset. You’re naturally curious about the world and great at thinking outside the box.
  • Flexible and analytical approach. You can quickly analyze, find the most effective solutions and adapt to the situation.
  • Speaks and writes Polish and English fluently.



You get... / UK community offers U:

20 days of paid leave

regardless of your contract details and type of working agreement.

Vibes: good, communication channels: open

company stand-up meetings every Tuesday, Edu-Lunch meetings (where we invite experts in various fields) any given Friday, open feedback session every couple of weeks. We know that good communication and a great vibe translate to high-quality work.

Flexible Edu.budget

we pay for any work-related course, book, or training of your choice.

physical health scheme

great health means regular exercise, so we're fully funding Multisport for every UK citizen.

Work from where
you work best

→ you can work fully remotely; UK office is always available for you when you need it (Przemysłowa 12, Kraków) + you can work from abroad too (conditions may vary depending on the role).

Home office 1000 PLN bonus

we're investing in any equipment you may need for your home office (granted after the first 3 months of work).

Free English lessons

→ with certified native speakers.

Private healthcare

→ for you and your loved one. Financed in 100% by Untitled Kingdom, possible additional opt-in for the "Senior" package for your parents/grandparents.

Company-sponsored mental care sessions

you can meet with a certified psychologist or psychotherapist, fully anonymously and free of charge.

2,5 hours per week
for self-development

regardless of the situation in your project :)

GRADES system

→ you evaluate skills (yours and others) twice a year to check how you're doing on your development path.

Private 1password account

→ sponsored by the company, yet fully private as you set it up yourself.

After-work hangouts!

From cooking workshops to weekend trips up the mountains, from private concerts to casual game nights at the office.

New glasses? Count us in!

You can't see yourself (or others) when you can't see clearly. After your trial period, we're chipping in 400 PLN to your new glasses purchase.

Ask Henry - personal assistant

Whether it's picking up mail, booking an appointment, or doing groceries, AskHenry saves you time so that you can focus on life outside of work.



So, what’s the process?


Everything starts with a conversation. You’re taking the time to send an application, so (based on your CV), we’re doing our best to assess your skills. Should we have doubts, we will reach out to you so you can go into more detail about your experience.

Intro call

Let’s talk/human/conversation. During a 15-30 min casual phone chat, we want to give you an overview of the company (and the role) + get to know you as a person. Are we a good fit for each other?


Let’s get into details. During a 1-2 hours online video meeting (cameras on), we get to actually interact! Expect to meet your potential team members, pair programming (for technical roles), and hear questions related to your role. And hey, it's a safe space for honest feedback.


Congrats! You made it to the final step. You know everything there is about your role. Both Uk and UK are confident you are a great fit. Now, it’s your decision. Change starts with U.

UK projects:

Whatever you do, do it with passion.
So we focus exclusively on projects that:

  1. solve relevant problems
  2. are an engaging challenge — for us.
Eargo This project is about enabling people with hearing problems to hear music, or the voice of their loved ones. Sometimes, for the first time in their lives.
Elvie Pump Imagine your work can improve the lives of 51 % of the people living on earth. At Untitled Kingdom, we did just that.
Elvie Trainer 1 in every 3 women experiencing pelvic floor problems during their lifetime. It's one small device to break the global taboo.

Your Team Member:

Sara, Product Development Team Leader

"The most interesting thing in the Product Development team is a range of characters. We’re all different, we like different things, we have different experiences and interests. It’s never boring during brainstorming sessions."

All for now, yet it’s just the beginning

What’s left to do?  
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