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Simple Beacon CMS

Have you ever tried to create an iBeacon app just to learn that you have to implement a content-delivery server on your own?
Do you want to experiment with a beacon iOS SDK without learning a backend language?
Are you on hackathon with limited time but need a simple way to associate rich content with beacons?

If any of the above applies to you then we have a good news! At Untitled Kingdom we’re fans of Estimote CMS Beacons, and some of us have worked on beacon apps in hack time but bundling content directly within an app always seemed like an ugly and burdensome solution. We wanted to be easily able to decide which beacons respond with what kind of content. That’s why we created Simple Beacon CMS.

What is Simple Beacon CMS?

At the time of writing there was no free, easy to use and simple to deploy solution for a Beacons back-end. Our Beacon CMS is a one-click deploy solution to the problem.

Simple CMS Beacon consists of a back-end server and configuration panel. It integrates fully with your Estimote Cloud account making it a breeze to use. It also packs a simple wizard to guide you step-by-step through the installation and uses the Heroku Deploy Button to make it possible to deploy without any back-end knowledge. That’s right — no copying-and-pasting arcane commands to terminal window, no digging through documentation and configuration files!

To try it out head to the GitHub repository or just deploy it already (requires free Heroku account).


At this point Beacon CMS is still very simple. There’s EstimoteCloud integration and very rudimentary support. We are also planning on building several libraries for different platforms that will make using the API even simpler and more convenient. Stay tuned!

We treat Beacon Solution as our internal child-project and sandbox to test new technologies. We welcome your contributions and hope you will find it useful!


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By Michał Matyas

Web Developer