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[Video] Improving FemTechOptimize your product to women's needs

  • Do you create FemTech products or consider doing it?
  • Are you wondering what should be your next steps to win over your customers?
  • Do you want to know what your users want and what is the best way to give it to them?

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I had a pleasure to be the host of the webinar. This year I co-authored “The State of Femtech” publication, and I have been developing FemTech, digital health and other products with Untitled Kingdom for 7 years.

In the second webinar in series on FemTech, I shared my expertise on:

  • optimizing the products for your user group needs,
  • choosing the best approach and technology for building new features,
  • creating consistent communication and building a community around your product.

Expect data and examples from the market and answers to specific questions on your product.

Here you can watch the entire webinar together with questions from participants:

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Download also "The State of FemTech" ebook:

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By Sara Maj

"The State of FemTech" ebook co-author. A product owner with an approach to build successful business and not just a product. Enthusiast of service design, coffee, dogs and constant learning. The only one who can cleverly combine sarcasm and empathy at the same time.