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[Video] Digital transformation of women's products

If you are already working with products for women, especially today you may ask yourself questions like:
  • How to transfer my product to the online world?
  • What extra value can I give my customers? 
  • How can I explore their needs with digital solutions?


I had a pleasure to be the host of the webinar. This year I co-authored “The State of Femtech” publication, and I have been developing FemTech, digital health and other products with Untitled Kingdom for 7 years.
 On a webinar, I shared my knowledge and experience about:
  • the opportunities of the FemTech industry; is it a niche?
  • why we use the term "FemTech"; what about MenTech or GenderTech?
  • how much women spent yearly on FemTech products,
  • fighting the taboo in period, fertility, pregnancy, menopause and other segments,
  • the step-by-step journey how to introduce your company to the FemTech digital world,
  • how to verify the needs of women and create solutions that have a chance of success,
  • how to maintain consistency and simplicity of your brand.

Here you can watch the entire webinar together with questions from participants:

Digital transformation

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Download also "The State of FemTech" ebook:

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"The State of FemTech" ebook co-author. A product owner with an approach to build successful business and not just a product. Enthusiast of service design, coffee, dogs and constant learning. The only one who can cleverly combine sarcasm and empathy at the same time.