Download the e-book and ask those 60 questions in your company to be up to date with the best security practices. It's collected by our Head of Technology, Bart Hugo Trzcinski, who has over 10 years of experience in software engineering and business.


What It Includes ?

How to start dealing with security in your company? Firstly, try to think about it and honestly answer those questions:

• Do you think the products or services you provide and create are secure right now?
• What makes you think they are secure?
• You might think they are or are not, but what is your answer based on?
• What kind of information or processes do you have in place to answer in all honesty?
• Do you have a holistic vision of the whole system or just its parts in isolation?

Download full checklist with 60 questions that you should answer in your company regarding security by filling out the simple form above! 



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