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Monitor building condition like your health. Ground-breaking SafeHub solution for the safety of people in buildings

We regularly review our health, do examinations to know its condition and to be able to prevent disease. Can we do the same with buildings?

With SafeHub sensors, you can verify the condition of buildings in which hundreds or even thousands of employees work every day. Besides, you will reduce the Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) especially in places where earthquakes can occur.

This is a breakthrough solution, which is just about to be launched. We took part in it from the start, working with SafeHub engineers who were responsible for the device, and we helped to create a product that meets user needs.

What is SafeHub and how does it work?

SafeHub is Structural Health Monitoring for Every Building. What does it exactly mean?

With SafeHub sensors you can see everything that affects the structural health of your building and make data-based decisions that reduce business costs.




Sensors monitor in real time the ‘heartbeat’ of buildings, analyze its structural condition, and inform about any security risk or anticipate risk.

The device is easy to install, connects to the cloud, and in the background analyzes data on the condition of the building.

You also get access to a simple dashboard, in which you can see advanced risk modeling, estimate losses and predict damage.

How did we help SafeHub with UX and UI?

In the project, we were responsible for product development; in particular, designing user experience and user interface for SafeHub.




This is our next project, which is a flagship example of how valuable a combination is of:

- a technical team and experts in the field (here: earthquakes and building structures), responsible for the device,

- a technology & design team, which is responsible for matching the device to the needs of customers and users.

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In the case of SafeHub, we had to go deep into the subject of earthquakes to get to know the capabilities of the device and the needs of the target users.

Together with experts from SafeHub, we co-created an algorithm based on which the building condition and structural health condition estimation are assessed.

The challenge of UX/UI was to present the data transparently that everyone could easily use the application, including people who do not know much about earthquakes, algorithms, calculations, and technical issues.

How did it go? Don’t believe me, just watch.


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